I was walking to the podium yesterday morning to make comments at the monthly Cobb Chamber of Commerce meeting when she greeted me with, “I just have to tell you, we LOVE Kaiser”.  She and her colleagues were skeptical on January 1 when her company’s health insurance changed from the Blues to KP – navigating the new system, learning our model of care, bonding to new physicians and nurses.  “We were blown away by our experience – everyone (in the KP medical office) was happy we were there, they knew who we were, everything was efficient; we saw the doctor, got our vaccines, picked up our meds … all in one visit, one location.  Everyone in our office is SO happy.”

excellent on survey

She was surprised to love it.  I was delighted to hear it.  Both got me thinking “how”.  How do we create WOW?

Sure, there’s the beautiful new building, the experienced docs, nurses, pharmacists and fancy equipment.  But that’s not what impressed her.  So what then?

team care

I think it’s our Culture, capital C – our culture of service, team-care, efficiency, continuous improvement and reliance upon and trust of one another.  It took a warm, welcoming greeting from our Customer Service Coordinator (service),  a dedicated LPN to enter prior health information into our electronic medical record (team-care), the care-team expecting the family for their first visit (team + service), electronic transmission of prescriptions from the exam room to the pharmacy (efficiency),  a redesigned nurse advice process called EDGE which substantially reduced the turn-around-time for post-visit questions (continuous improvement), and the trust that all on the team will do today’s work today, effectively, and faithfully.

exponential improvement

She’s proud to be a member.  I’m proud of us.