A River Runs Through It

I’ve written 60 posts in 100 days.  To what end?

the what

The What has focused upon (1) root causes of the high and rising costs of healthcare in the US (providers paid via fee-for-service, irrational pricing from hospitals and device manufacturers, and the obesity epidemic), (2) the benefits of physician-led multi-specialty group practice (an infrastructure of continuous improvement, a culture of accountability and evidence-based practice), and (3) my deep connection and concern for our natural environment (parks, The Beltline, and trees above all).  But that’s not why I write.

the how

The How has made use of (1) studies and observations in the temporal medical and lay literature, (2) my 30-year experience as a clinician and 15 years as leader, and (3) and attempt to provoke you toward new thinking and behavior in the care you receive or give.  But that ain’t why either.

Loud opinion overshadowing quiet facts, partisan politics replacing civil debate or compromise, and poor logic distracting us from effective problem solving (see The Problem to be Solved) won’t lead to a better future for our patients or our profession.  So I’m doing the best I can to redirect our physician and lay community toward a different outcome – a future that emphasizes health over healthcare, healthcare value over volume, and an effective transition to The New World, disruptive and disquieting as it will inevitably be, necessarily so.  That’s Why I write.

why how what circles

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