Party by the Pond

trees atlanta logoTrees Atlanta held its annual grand fundraiser last night, entitled “Party by the Pond“.  We had a wonderful turn-out, with over 200 patrons enjoying conversations about conservation, tributes to trees, and an active auction to benefit The Cause. On behalf of the Board, we express a heartfelt “thank you” to those who attended.

two women planting a treeThe staff at Trees Atlanta begins and ends each day preserving and improving Atlanta’s urban forest.  They plant thousands of trees each year, then care for them in the critical early years after planting.  Our thousands of volunteers expend blood, sweat and tears restoring the life-giving, beautiful green canopy to neighborhoods around the city.


crowd of TA volunteersThe staff, volunteers and donors of Trees Atlanta have earned their reputation around town as humble environmental servants, eager to collaborate with other environmentally focused organizations.  While Trees Atlanta has been the recipient of much recognition for its hard work (most recently an award from EarthShare Georgia 2013), it is happiest for others to have the limelight, knowing that true fulfillment comes from reducing city heat, improving habit for birds, butterflies and bees, and providing natural beauty for residents.

another planting by trees atlantaFollowing a lot of hard work from Connie Veates and Greg Levine (co-Executive Directors of Trees Atlanta), and Marcia Bansley before them, Trees Atlanta is enjoying its greatest period of good-will and momentum in its history.  Each of you who has volunteered and/or donated money to plant a tree or reclaim an urban woodland owns a piece of that growing good-will and success.  We intend to maintain your trust in us by delivering even greater results in the years to come.

In June Dr. Schreiner assumes the role of President, Board of Directors, taking over from Mr. Ed Dobbs, who, along with others, enabled Trees Atlanta to achieve so very much during the last decade.

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