KP 101: Our Structure

kp logoDespite being part of the Atlanta community since 1985, and part of the US healthcare community since 1945, most don’t know us. Not really anyway.  That’s no one’s fault but our own. The next three posts are intended to provide a concise description of (1) our structure, (2) our results, and (3) our future.

WE BELIEVE… that physicians should share the decision-making process only with patients and family, unencumbered by the financial interests of self or insurance companies. That’s why we physicians and associate practitioners (the Permanente Medical Groups) are legally separate from the insurance company (the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan). It’s also why we doctors are salaried, rather than paid “fee-for-service (FFS)”, the latter leading to dangerous over-treatment and conflict of interests in America’s healthcare industry. The legal separation of our two entities (Kaiser & Permanente) leads to patient-centered decision-making, rather than decisions that first benefit the doctor, hospital or health plan.

team care

WE BELIEVE… that all voices in healthcare must be heard and accounted for in the design and implementation of the care provided. That’s why we physicians fully include “everyone” (nurses, pharmacists, therapists, technologists, customer-service representatives and patients) when improving what we do. Doing so enables the most effective team-based care for all KP members, reliably tailored to the individual patient.

WE BELIEVE… that convenience and ease are very important in healthcare. That’s why our doctors, pharmacists and radiology staff are located under one roof. Doing so enables all team members to interact with one another easily and effectively, on behalf of the patient, producing more timely and effective care.


Our beliefs are the reason for our structure, intended to best serve our members, now and in the future.

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