KP 101: Our Future

healthcare reform

WE BELIEVE … American families deserve lower cost, higher quality, and better service in their healthcare. Given our results (KP 101: Our Results) we can be, and should be, the choice of more Atlanta families and individuals going forward. The federally run Health Insurance Exchange (see will link more Atlantans to KP, with enrollment beginning October 2013.


WE BELIEVE … healthcare must be more responsive, more holistic, and more timely than in the past. That’s why we are building even more connectivity between patient and doctor, including mobile apps, TeleHealth, and “just-in-time” health information that empowers patients in their decision-making. We’ll be with you everywhere, not just in the exam room or at the bedside.

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WE BELIEVE … diagnostic and therapeutic decision-making will become increasingly tailored to the individual, rather than a population of people similar to you. That’s why we’ve invested millions of dollars in research using genomic and predictive-modeling technology intended to create more precise clinical recommendations for patients and families. After all, it’s about you, not them.

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Kaiser Permanente of Georgia’s future is very bright indeed, given our best-in-Georgia results, our “Care Everywhere” vision, and our tailored approach to your health, not merely your healthcare.


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